Ophiocordyceps - Anthropocene

Ophiocordyceps - Anthropocene
Стиль:Slamming / Brutal Death Metal
Формат:320 Mp3
Загружено:2023-02-04 07:58


01.Alien Rapture On Large Scale With Attempts Of Administration Of Fecal Herpes By Oral And Subcutaneous Insertions Of Biomechanical
02.Mass Sacrificial Ritual On The Tophet Of Moloch For The Transmigration Of Human Waste To Be Reused As Fertilizer For The Terraform
03.Nuclear Fusion Reaction Induced By The Thermal Motion Of Ions In The Nucleus Of A Star Body On The Limit Of The Horizon Of Events
05.Infinite Echo Of The Vibration Of Death That Is Propagated In The Unknown With A Perpetual Motion On An Inclined Plane
06.Rejection Of Neutrons And Radioactive Decay Of Organic Particles Exposed To Contaminated Resources
07.Psychodysleptic Syndrome For Ingestion Of Panaeolus With Behavioral Paranoid Schizophrenia
08.Practical Application Of The Behavioral Sink Theory On The Human Population Without Limits Of Misery And Vice
09.Results From Intravenous Administration Of Genetic Material And Protein Of Different Cerebral Viruses And Parasites
10.Nothing In The Void (Instrumental)


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