Funeral Doom Metal

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Ahab - Old Thunder (Compilation) (Japanese Edition)
Ahab - Old Thunder (Compilation) (Japanese Edition)
Стиль:Funeral Doom Metal
Формат:320 Mp3
Размер:429 Mb
Загружено:2019-10-01 08:21


Disc One:

01. Old Thunder
02. The Isle
03. Further South
04. Tombstone Carousal
05. O Father Sea
06. Deliverance (Shouting At The Dead)
07. The Hunt
08. Antarctica The Polymorphess
09. Evening Star

Disc Two:

01. Below The Sun
02. The Thing That Made Search
03. The Sermon
04. Aeons Elapse
05. To Mourn Job
06. The Weedmen
07. The Divinity Of Oceans
08. Like Red Foam (The Great Storm)
09. The Giant
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